Spring Speed Series

Join us for Spring Speed Series
Training starts May 12th, 2016

This program is designed for those who want to work on their speed for shorter distances (1 mile, 5K or 10K) and you want to do it with a group to help you through your workouts. SPRING SPEED SERIES will offer plans for all levels of runners (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). This program will include track workouts and tempo runs to help increase your speed for your shorter distance races.This program doesn't require you to stick to a specific plan, but to choose whatever option works best for you and your schedule. By training with a group, you might be able to match with someone your speed and help encourage each other throughout the program.

Participants will get a few discounted shopping days at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah during the duration of the program plus chances to win fun freebies!

Program Details
Cost $49
Dates: May 12th - June 16th
Meets Thursdays at 5:30am or 6:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of registration? 

A: The cost of registration is $49 and includes a training shirt. 

Q: How do I register? 

A: You can download the registration form here and bring it to Fleet Feet Sports Savannah. Or you can register  here at signmeup.com.

Q: Can I come to the first workout before deciding to register?

A: Of course! We are confident after you see what the program is all about that you will want to get involved!

Q: What are your running plan options?

A: This program is open to all levels (you must be able to run/walk at least 3 miles). We will have various distances and options for each workout.

Q: Where do we meet?

A: We will mostly meet at the Savannah State Track. We will also meet at other locations in town (downtown, Fleet Feet, Forsyth Park or Daffin Park).

Q. If I miss workouts, or I have to consistently miss one of the days of our weekly meetings does that mean I cannot be involved in the program?

A: Of course you can still be involved! We would love to have every trainee at every workout, but understand that life and obligations may get in the way. You can always attend the other session for the day if you miss your normal time slot. Also, just make sure that you are completing your training runs independently (or with a buddy!) so that you don't fall behind in your progress!

If you have any other questions, please contact Melissa Ramsey at 912-355-3527 or melissa@fleetfeetsavannah.com.

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Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

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