If someone has recently told you that they "run with crew" and that left you a little confused, look no further because you have landed in the right spot. Read on to discover why hundreds of runners and previously non-runners have joined one of our many C.R.E.W. Training programs in and around Savannah.

First off - why C.R.E.W.? Isn't that a whole different water-related sport with rowing involved? When you hear of people around town talking about running with crew, they are actually talking about running with C.R.E.W., which stands for 'Collaborative Relationships, Empowering Workouts'. Webster's Dictionary defines 'crew' as "a group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests". At Fleet Feet Sports, we understand that training with a group makes running so much more fun. As one of our top priorities here at the store is to encourage active lifestyles, we have a vast variety of training opportunities all year long outside of the store to help you stay motivated, happy and healthy. Each of these training programs offer scheduled group runs, coaches and mentors, a technical Tee, lots of giveaways, educational seminars, injury prevention information, and a dynamic, social environment with encouragement coming at you from all different directions that is hard to find! 

Our Training Programs Include: 
C.R.E.W. UNLIMITED (all the training programs included, unlimited bootcamps plus many more perks)
No Boundaries - Beginner's 5K Training
Mile Markers (a group that just wants to stay fit and/or improve their race times)
In addition to running, what is offered underneath our training umbrella is a long list. We know that other activities help to improve our overall fitness and allow us become better runners, so our fleet of coaches, instructors and mentors have stepped up to offer Pilates, Yoga and Stretch Classes, Bootcamps, Pool Running Sessions, Swim Workouts and more. Also offered are all of our resources to complete the training package for you. We can send you on your way with the experience and knowledge you need to meet your goals whether these include losing weight, recovering from an injury, maintaining fitness or stepping up to that next level of athleticism. 
Our Additional Fitness Services Include:
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