Fabulous 14 Run Series


Stay motivated all year long! Complete 7* of the 14 races and receive a year-end gift to enjoy for years to come. Compete for the highest score and become one of the top and most dedicated runners in the Low Country! This series is completely scored on a point system and there are ample ways to build up your points. Print your copy of the registration here.

Current Standings - By Name

Current Standings - By Points


1/9 Yates Astro Resolution Race

2/5-6 Critz Tybee Run Fest

2/27 Seacrest Race for Preservation 5K/10K

3/5 Get your Rear in Gear

3/11 March of Dimes Shamrock Run

5/7 CrimeStoppers Azalea Run

5/28 Savannah Mile

8/27 Saucony XC Kickoff Classic

9/3 Leukemia Cup Run for Jane 5K/10K - Due to cancellation of the race, participants will only need to complete 6 of the 14 races*

9/10 Tunnel to Towers Run Savannah

9/24 YMCA Heart of Savannah 5K

10/15 St. Peter’s Kilometers 5K/10K

11/24 United Way Turkey Trot

12/3 Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

Qualification Requirements for the Fabulous 14 Run Series

  • You must be registered for the series, and run at least 7 of the 14 Fab. 14 races in 2016 to qualify for the year-end Fab. 14 Run Series gift.

Point Scoring System

  • If you run all 14 races you will receive 14 bonus points. If you run 13 races you will receive 13 bonus points, 12 races - 12 bonus points, 11 races - 11 bonus points, 10 races - 10 bonus points, 9 races - 9 bonus points, and for completing 8 races you will receive 8 bonus points
  • Participants will receive points if they finish in the top 3 of their age group. 1st place is 3 points, 2nd place is 2 points, and 3rd place will grant you 1 point. NOTE: each race categorizes their age groups differently, Fab. 14 points will be scored according to each race’s results report
  • Additional points will be awarded for finishing overall OR overall Masters (for the races that have a Masters category). NOTE: each race categorizes their overall categories differently, Fab. 14 points will be scored according to each race’s results report
  • 1 participation point will be awarded for each Fab. 14 race that the participant completes. There will be point stacker races where a great deal of participation points will be available, and there are a couple of races that will award you more than 1 participation point. See below for details.

Critz Tybee Run Fest:

-          5k                                           3 points

-          10k                                         6 points

-          Half Marathon                   13 points

-          2.8                                          3 points

-          1                                              1 point

Savannah Mile: 5 points

Saucony XC Kickoff: 5 points

Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

  • 5k                                           3 points
  • 10k                                         6 points
  •  Double Pump                        9 points

***1 race will become a bonus point race, but which one that is will remain a surprise until the week of that race!***


  • Everyone who completes the run series will receive a year-end gift with the Fabulous 14 Run Series logo
  • Awards will go to the:

-          top 3 males

-          top 3 females


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