Ever dream of running or learning to run?

The Savannah chapter of the Jeff Galloway Training Program
can help you do it!

Jeff’s training program is designed to help average people of all skill levels and ages complete distances from 10Ks (6.22 miles) to Half Marathons (13.1 miles). This approach advocates establishing a run/walk ratio based upon a runner’s predicted pace per mile that will enable him/her to go the distance while remaining healthy and injury free.

The program only requires two days of running on your own or with a buddy during the week and a GROUP run/walk on Wednesday evenings.

The 13 week training program offers:

• Group support structure for training
• A set training schedule
• Expert advice on running techniques, gear, nutrition, and injury prevention
• Time-goal driven training and Pace Group Leader opportunities

Leamon Johnston, Program Director
Savannah Jeff Galloway Training