Pints to Pavement

Pints to Pavement

Runners and Beers... Longtime companions that pair together well. After all, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of enjoying a cold beer with friends after a good run. In fact, there are even entire running clubs dedicated to the sport & beverage combo (the famous Hash House Harriers: "a drinking club with a running problem").

Here at Fleet Feet Savannah, we couldn't agree more. Pints to Pavement is our way of getting together with friends, racking up some miles, and enjoying some cold ones at our favorite bars, breweries, and pubs throughout Savannah. 

Go to our Events Calendar page to see when and where we will be hosting the next Pints to Pavement!


Pints to Pavement @ Fia Rua Irish Pub - Richmond Hill

August 14th, 2019 - 6:30pm "Fia Rua" is Gaelic for "Red Stag". Thats pretty cool if you ask us. You know what else is cool? New places. Tha…

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Pints to Pavement @ Two Tides Brewing Co.

Pints to Pavement @ Two Tides Brewing Co. At 6:30PM on Wednesday, September 18th, join us at Two Tides Brewing Company for Pints to Pavement!…

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