Breakfast With the Nutritionist

GU Energy Labs: Breakfast with the Nutritionist

Through training, we grow stronger, get faster, and learn how to endure more. By eating the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, we build our muscles, mend our bodies, and optimize our performance.

We are in pursuit of our ultimate potential. With smart training, and the perfect mix of nutrients delivered at the right time, we can unleash our innate and boundless athletic capacity. Our desire to achieve just a little bit more drives us to answer what to eat, how much to each, when to eat.

We know there’s no terminus, no destination, but we also know every small breakthrough brings us a step closer to realizing our true potential.

- GU Energy Labs

About the Event

Join us on the morning of July 20th as we bring in our Tech Rep from GU Energy Labs to talk with you and answer questions about how YOU can utilize a well designed nutrition plan to optimize your performance through a balance of hydration, nutrition, and recovery. 

We also invite you to join us for a run before the event gets started. Our training groups will be meeting at Fleet Feet Savannah at 6:30am to get rolling with their Saturday morning long run. Feel free to tag along with us, or go on your own route. If you will be joining us from outside of our training programs, there will be no specified run distance. 

Once we finish up our runs, we will have a selection of breakfast snacks (courtesy of our GU Energy tech rep) for you to munch on before and during the event.

This is not going to be a lecture about weight loss... in fact, this event is designed to be a conversation about how to most effectively fuel your body to help maximize your performance... So, we encourage you to ask questions. It is our goal to work with you to help you find the best nutrition plan for your activities and caloric needs.

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Schedule of Activities

6:30am: Optional run with Fleet Feet Savannah Training Groups (meeting at the store).

8:00am: Breakfast with the Nutritionist

9:00am: Optional Perc Coffee Group Run w/ Patrick Reagan (@ Perc Coffee Roasters)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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