A Letter of Appreciation on our 10th Anniversary from an Old Friend and Staff Member

This letter truly meant a lot to all of when we received it and thought that it should be shared with everyone. This is a letter to all the Fleet Feet owners across the country from Tricia White, former Fleet Feet Sports Savannah manager:

10 years ago today, Robert and Cookie Espinoza opened Fleet Feet Sports Savannah.  I was lucky enough to be at the store that morning with Robert.
Robert and I took to the sales floor at 10 AM, probably a little before, because we were so excited…although I’m pretty sure I felt sick since it was my first day ever fitting shoes.  You see, Robert was a master shoe fitter so I was simply trying to impress him and keep up with him!  It was just the two of us at the store for the first few months.  We spent almost every waking moment at the store with the occasional part timer stopping in to help us.  I am so thankful to have met Robert before he was going to open the store and even more grateful that he took a chance on me.  10 years ago today was the start of the rest of my life.  I had no idea that what I had been looking for my whole life was Fleet Feet Sports.  Robert and Cookie kept me for 7 years, through 2 babies, and I am pretty sure I wore every hat imaginable at one point or another.  The love and support they showed Brian and I over the years cannot be repeated nor can I ever truly express what it has meant.  They are the most amazing people and I am so happy that I got to share some of these past 10 years with them.  They truly treated me as an equal and gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow with them.  I miss them so much.
Robert and Cookie have made Savannah what it is today.  There was NO running scene before they opened, trust me, Brian and I looked for it.  They have truly changed that city and I am so proud of what they have done.  They are a true representation of what it means to “Be The Movement” and they have changed so many lives over these 10 years.  I look forward to watching their continued growth and the change they will make in Savannah and the Low County in the next ten years!  Although we are trying to make our own changes here in Carrboro, I think about them each and every day and what they taught me over the 7 years I was with them is what gets me through each day. 
Happy Anniversary to Robert and Cookie and to all of the amazing staff at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah!  We are so proud of what you do each and every day!
Love you guys!
Tricia White / Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro