Get to Gallivanting

Well, we finally had zero excuse to bypass running; this weekend’s weather was a full 20 degrees cooler than it has been (yes, I’m excluding Sunday—it helps my story flow a little better if I do), which made each step seem just that little bit easier.  3 miles became 4 (with the same amount of effort you put in last week to make it those 3), 5 miles became 6, and 10 miles became 12 (these are just arbitrary numbers, but you get the picture).  I saw more people out gallivanting than I have in a long, long time…and it was a welcome sight indeed.  I recently did a podcast (as a way of advertis

Its Time to Race!

Race season is upon us…which means school is about to be back in session (or already is, in some cases) and the year has flown by! Where, oh where, did my summer go?—I had such high hopes for it…and all it gave in return was high temps and running weather that made me feel like I was jogging in place inside a sauna. In the desert. A sauna in the desert. But don’t despair! Race season is upon us once again.

Here to Stay

Yoga on the Pier A Good Way to Let Go

Many of us have had a rough go of it the last few weeks, and sometimes the best way to counteract that is just by letting go; relaxing both the body and mind and letting something else take over.  Now, I realize that’s way easier said than done, but a very good way to do that—if running just isn’t working or you simply need another “outlet”—is yoga (so I’ve been told; someone will eventually talk my inflexible body and mind into trying it, but until that far-away day, we’ll all simply have to move forward with my “do as I say and not as I do” way of thinking).  Anywho, some time spent in th

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