Savannah Mile 1 Mile ALL OUT

On a per-step basis, nothing beats the Savannah Mile for pure, heartfelt awe/joy/depth.  This Saturday, May 28 at 8:00am, we will begin the first of five heats, with each subsequent heat starting approximately 20 minutes after the original.  Each quarter-mile will not only be marked, but will also have a timing clock in place so that runners and walkers alike know where they stand as they make their way down Drayton St., from Forsyth Park to Broughton.

Strength in Run

Two weeks ago today, as I was groggily clambering out of my car to stumble through an early-morning run with a handful of like-minded crazies here at Fleet Feet, 6-7 shots rang out one street over.  After a speedy call to 911, the police were very quickly on the scene and were able to find and assist a gentleman that had been injured (non-life threatening, thankfully).  A few of us gave statements to uniformed officers as we stood there in our tank tops and short shorts, surely seeming like a very odd bunch as our headlamps and tiny strobe lights flickered in their faces.

Take a break from your break

Shortly after Christmas, I wrote about this very same thing: the importance, and general need for, a break.  Because when running becomes a chore—when you think you “need” to rather than truly want to—well then, that becomes problematic.  Because most of us run to have fun; sure, the fitness perks we gain through doing so are a great incentive, but we mostly just run because it’s what our bodies and minds crave.  A break from the monotony of going to work, picking up the dry cleaning, taking the kids to ballet…and so forth and so on.

We Are Kind of a Big Deal

“I don’t know how to put this, but we’re kind of a big deal” is not only an extremely funny, slightly tinkered-with quote from “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, but also seems somehow appropriate for the team here at Fleet Feet Savannah the last couple of days; I, for one, am going to be dreaming about cameras documenting my every move for the foreseeable future (and yes, I agree: I too am surprised the cameras didn’t break when filming me).  But why Fleet Feet?—and what production company is such a glutton for punishment?

Red Shoes Run

Colorful shoes are not a prerequisite for running fast.  In fact, colorful shoes are not a prerequisite for running at all.  If you like highlighter yellow, slime green, or poppin’purple that’s a-ok with me, just like all-white kicks won’t ruffle my feathers either, just so long as you’re movin’and groovin’ comfortably.

How Running Saved My Life

How Running Saved My Life

by Fernando Sanchez

Dear Fleet Feet Savannah Staff,

"First I would like to thank you and your awesome store in all the assistance you have given me and my family throughout the years.  I've been going to your store since 2008 when I first got transferred to Charleston, SC (yes I would make the drive every time I needed shoes).  I learned about your store from the Rescue Swimmer shop at my parent unit here in Savannah (U.S.C.G. Air Station Savannah).  

Get Your Rear in Gear Already!

Welcome back race season!  After a perfect-temperatured, super-successful  Seacrest Partners Race for Preservation this past weekend, we have yet another fan favorite coming up this weekend: Get Your Rear in Gear.  Get Your Rear in Gear is one of our more unique events, in that it is more of a celebration that an actual race; folks raise money in an attempt to bring awareness to, and fight, colon cancer…and then stick around after running/walking a 5K to enjoy a festive atmosphere (featuring food and drinks) with friends and family.  The course itself is essentially an out

A Simple Hello

Communication is very much a hot-button topic these days, as political rhetoric flies during debate season and we become more and more engrossed in (and desensitized to) a bevy of television, telephone, and social media options.

No Boundaries Beginners 5K Training

I had the privilege of being one of the coaches for our No Boundaries Beginner’s 5K training program several years ago and I absolutely fell in love. On the first day we noticed a lot of uneasy looks on the faces of our participants. This was easily understandable though since after chatting with most of the group during the information session the week prior, we found out that many of our participants had either never ran before or for some, 5 to 10 to 20 years had gone by since their last run.

Blame it on Christine

Christine made me write this. I was tempted to not write for Toro Talk this week-I had plenty on my plate, and didn't have anything noteworthy to chat about-but a while back I made the "mistake" of telling Robert that people needed him to be more present and hear his voice more often, and apparently Christine eavesdropped and decided to use my own words against me. For shame! But her adamant request gives me fodder for today's write-up, so I guess I can't be too mad at her.


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