"Who We Are"

Here at Fleet Feet Savannah, we have been itchin' to share the stories that come from our thriving lowcountry running community. Here in Savannah, we are surrounded by so many wonderful people who love being a part of our unique running culture. Despite our differences, the folks we run with all have one thing in common... we enjoy a sport that many others consider punishment, and we embrace it as a part of who we are. We look to face new obstacles head on... We push the boundaries of what many consider impossible, as well as discover ways to challenge our own abilities... We are tough, we are strong, and we can't live without it. This blog takes a dive down into the nooks and crannies of our local running community to share the stories of the people, their challenges, their triumphs, and their will to go above and beyond for the sport and community that they love.

Ubuntu (I am because we are),

- Fleet Feet Savannah

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