Heavy Heart

 I wasn’t going to write another Toro Talk, I was going to let last week’s wrap up the year. But now I can’t.

My Apologies

So I like to sleep at night, and as a baby triathlete, sleep has become even more important than ever before. Up at 4:30am to swim, bike, or run, or bike, run, and swim, then run, (well you get the picture). Lately I have had some trouble getting caught up with that sleep.

Running Errands



What’s Going On

What’s Going On

Our Stars of the Year

We generally highlight a monthly star in our newsletter, but this time around we have a group of about 150 runners to praise. These runners have put in hours of training over the course of the last 6 months. Some have never run a half or full marathon, and running Rock ‘n’ Roll will be an achievement they have dreamed about for years and years.

Fourth of July

What if every day were like the 4th of July?

Fall Gear

I don’t have a favorite time of year. I like winter because of the holidays and all the stuff that comes with it. I like spring because we get to take off all of our winter running and fitness clothes, and it only takes a second to get dressed to run or workout. Then after spring, here comes summer, which at times can be brutal, but can make us tougher, stronger athletes. The fall rolls around, the time of year where you feel like you can run forever because those hot and scorching days are over.


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Our Stars of the Year