Second Harvest

Usually at this time, in this space, I’d give you some clever running jargon, helpful training tips, or even talk about a fun, and supremely worthwhile, upcoming race (this Thursday at 8:30 AM is the 7th Annual United Way Turkey Trot—there is certainly no better way to start your gluttony and thanks-filled day than being a part of this fun 4-miler!).  Well, I’m (mostly) not going to do that here, today.  Instead, I’d like to remind you all about America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, because not everyone will get to eat like most of us do this Thursday.

Rock n Roll Savannah Weekend 2015

What a fast-paced, exciting, and exhausting Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend we had (and by “weekend”, I mean Thursday-Sunday)!  Methinks the only folks that expended more energy than runners/walkers during those days were the weathermen/women in town (but without the accompanying fun…or medals).  For those calling Savannah home, it was coastal weather as usual: temperate, then hot and humid, then just plain humid, then windy and cold, then rainy and windy…well, you get the drift.

Rock n Roll Week

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because it’s Rock ‘n Roll week and both you and I are busy (unless you’re not participating, in which case you have no excuse not to read this…you know, other than your normally overly-busy lives getting in the way, of course).  In the past few weeks, we’ve talked about tapering and beating the funk (both the mental and physical versions); going into races/life with your head screwed on tightly and your body rarin’ to go.

Let the Hard Work Pay Off

If you’re running Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah in just a couple of weeks (you got this, FYI!), your long(est) runs are done and over.  Sure, you still have a few that are longer than your garden-variety training jaunts, but most of the hard work is now completed and it’s time to let your body (and mind) rest and relax; if you toe the line on race day with an overly-taxed body, you’re liable to get injured and you’ll certainly regret that decision, from a finishing time standpoint.

Reclaiming Your Mojo

I spoke with a good friend last week, post-run, and he admitted that he was having a hard time finding motivation in the lead-up to a right-around-the-corner marathon in which he'll be competing; he was concerned because A.) some of his long runs hadn't gone to plan and B.) he simply hadn't had much fun during this particular training cycle.

Evening Dos and Donts

Evening Do's and Don'ts

We Never Regret the Run

We Never Regret the Run


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